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"And we swagger because we do not know how to part with our rage, which we cherish and press cutting close, but we learn to swagger — or rather, we’re swaggered, briefly, while the wind blows and things burn and our hands are full — because we know it darkly all the same."

What would the characters of Teen Wolf put on their holiday wishlists? (x)

August 6th - Colton and Holland shopping at the Grove in West Hollywood. [X]

Holland Roden, Daniel Sharman and Crystal Reed Ride the Patron Tequila Express Railcar.

Tyler&Dylan in press room today.

mattymcd: No cast is cuter.

mattymcd: No cast is cuter.


He’s talented and he’s humble. Those are all the things girls like to look for. And he’s cute.


Be More Perfect Together, I Dare You: My Favorite Off-Screen Couples That Should Be or Currently Are

Colton Haynes & Holland Roden

Colton: “Jackson loves Lydia and I love you.”
Holland: “Lydia loves Jackson and I love you.” 
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